Locks, Padbolts, Hinges, Anchor Rings etc

The Hull Key Centre Ltd stock a wide range of bolts, locks and hinges to suit almost any requirement. Typical uses include locks for doors, gates, furniture items, sheds, garages etc. We stock a hige range of pad bolts, from small to large, heavy duty to small-discreet, brass, stainless steel and other finishes.

Not sure what type of hinge, lock or latch you need? No Problem!

All our shop staff have an extensive knowledge of the products we stock, their uses, limits and of which products are suitable for which jobs. Just let us know what you're lookig for and our staff will help you choose the most effective and cost effective solution for your needs.

Do you know exactly what you're looking for? Great! Give us a call.

Just a quick call to our shops staff and we'll let you know any sizes, prices or potentially cheaper alternatives. The Hull Key Centre Ltd Your one stop shop for all locks, pad bolts, hinges, anchor rings, latches and related hardware!

To find out how The Hull Key Centre Ltd can help you with all your hardware needs call us on 01482 443 123 or send an email via our contact page.

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Our Services

  • door bolts, locks & keys
  • pad bolts, anchor rings
  • u bolts, eye bolts
  • furniture bolts
  • heavy duty padbolt
  • shed locks and bolts
  • stainless nuts and bolts
  • brass bolts
  • garage door bolts
  • heavy duty gate hinges
  • gate locks & gate hinges heavy duty
  • garden gate locks
  • gate bolts hardware
  • gate fittings & locks
  • gate latch & gate catches
  • gate bolts & hinges